New York and The Red Cross

Anyone who knows me knows I love The American Red Cross.  When I graduated from college I was hired as a Donor Resources Representative with The American Red Cross in Birmingham, Alabama.  My first boss, John Burleson, was like a big brother to me and our group was my family.  It was 1984 and we were living the life.  Everywhere we went, we were the Red Cross gang.  I studied the history of the big red mother, as we called it; I wanted to know everything I could about it. I even went to the national headquarters in Washington D.C. with my mother, daddy and sister in August of 1985 on a family vacation.  To this day, I am loyal to The American Red Cross.  Tonight the Empire State Building is shining with red and white lights in honor of The American Red Cross month, March.  I love looking up and seeing the lights each night and finding out what the colors represent.  Tonight I was excited to see two of my favorite things together so beautifully.  The Empire State Building and The American Red Cross.  Two American icons.  Grateful for them both.  img_4854