I’m All That & a Pair of Earphones

Earphones or earbuds are almost as important to New Yorkers as the N or the R running on time.  They are an expected part of one’s daily attire.  Last night a friend of mine wanted me to listen to a new song she had written for a musical.  She automatically said, “Get your earphones and listen to this.”  Of course, I did just that.  I grabbed them and I listened, just like a real New Yorker.


The train is so soothing as it sails on the rails of the tracks. I love the train. I love the people and interacting with them. I love that I have already made friends with Bunny and Nick. I love that Allen and Nick exchanged phone numbers at the train station. I love that Walt Miles, the Birmingham Station Agent, and I took a selfie. I love that my dear friend, Kevin Dearmon, whom I met on the train in 2010 as he was working his train attendant shift, and I talked by phone yesterday. I love that his Amtrak boss from New Jersey is on our train today. I love that a fellow passenger named Walker helped us with questions because he is a seasoned train passenger. I love watching the world outside my window. The train is singing me a lullaby. I love the train.