Drumroll ......

Stuff. We have so much stuff.  Allen and I have been stewards of family heirlooms, papers, and stuff.  Recently when we were once again downsizing his mother’s belongings, we realized what a burden stuff is.  Even the fun stuff.  The beautiful stuff.  We have spent so much time in memories of the past that we have not been living.  So, we are trying to unload even a piece at a time….things that have meant something to us, but are just taking up space.

I bought these drums soon after my 50th birthday.  I am about to be 58 years old in August.   I took drum lessons.  Then, I stopped.  Life got in the way.  Obviously it was not my passion either.  So, my drums have taken up space in our upstairs playroom.

Today I am selling them to a young woman who is giddy about these drums.  I am selling them to her for $90.  I am sharing this because I want you to know that it is ok to make a little, but not hold out for those big bucks we think we can get.  $90 is what she offered that she can afford.  I am excited for her to have them.  She is getting them for her 40th birthday. This is what life is about.  Passing dreams on and continuing with our own dreams.

Allen and I want freedom from the burdens of our stuff.  We will see how it goes.  This is my first real thing I have been afraid to let go of.   Some things I will donate, but if I can make a little for a rainy day fund, then I will do so.

Wish us luck.  Letting go…




Ode To My Stuff


Drawer after drawer.  Shelf beyond shelf.

Stacks of my beautiful stuff.
Some of you pristine. Never to be touched by my hand since the day you were tendered.
Some of you used.  Worn with the caress of my consumption.
Long forgotten or at the front of my thoughts.
You have a place in my heart.
Or do you?
Must I keep you?
Must I hold on?
Just because you are mine?  I possess you.
You are my stuff!  My beautiful stuff.
I forgot about some of you until I had room no more.
Then, with all of my might, I knew it was time.
It was time.  Time let you go.
My stuff!  My beautiful stuff.
Then, my heart and my mind doth continue to battle the war I have set before me.