Putting Out Fires

Today I had the pleasure of meeting this great group of public servants, Fire Department New York-So Ho Station!  What a great group of men!  Thank You for your service.  As we were walking on Bleeker Street later I heard, “Hey, Cookie!” I thought, “I just heard my name.”  When I looked around they said, “Don’t you remember us?!”  Grateful for such warm and fun interactions!  They even knew, “Bless your heart!”  Love them!

Dialogue With No One

Last night I heard a beautiful choral performance by C4, The Choral, Composer/Conductor, Collective.  (http://www.c4ensemble.org/)  The title of the performance was Unusual (Music of the strange, the absurd, and the surreal).  A piece composed by Gordon Williamson, “Tape Recorder” inspired me to write this.  As I was listening I started thinking of the word melody and I begin to compose this in my thoughts.  Music and words can create many emotions.  These are mine today.  

The words hurt.

They sounded like a bow touching the strings of a violin off-key.

I covered my ears.

Make it stop.

All I wanted was to hear a beautiful sound.


That’s all I heard.

It had to stop.

I wanted music.

I wanted a melody.

It was the pain talking.

I found a melody.

I found my song.

I hear it now.

Wednesday in the City

The birds are chirping this morning.  The taxis still run with the same fervor and haste.  The sound of sirens reminds me there is uncertainty.  I hear the footsteps on the sidewalk of busy people whose day may be filled with animus or hospitality.  They approach the day with intention.  I feel calm as the world spins around me.  I am learning to focus on the chirping of the birds.  I sit with my intention before I flow into my day.