Uptown Girl

Tomorrow I move to a new place on the UWS.  That’s the Upper West Side.  I’m getting this city lingo correct.  I have committed to stay in New York City for the month of April.  While I am excited, it is still hard to be away from my husband, my children, my animals, and my friends.  I am so grateful for this opportunity and as we keep saying in our family, “make it count!”  I intend to continue growing, writing, doing work and service in my program of sobriety, meeting my obligations, and staying grateful for this season in my life.  I feel like an exchange student.  Each day I am so excited about my adventures and my surroundings, but there are moments I think I want to pack up and fly back into my comfort.  I know that growing is painful despite one’s surroundings.  Staying in gratitude.  Making it count.