Dialogue With No One

Last night I heard a beautiful choral performance by C4, The Choral, Composer/Conductor, Collective.  (http://www.c4ensemble.org/)  The title of the performance was Unusual (Music of the strange, the absurd, and the surreal).  A piece composed by Gordon Williamson, “Tape Recorder” inspired me to write this.  As I was listening I started thinking of the word melody and I begin to compose this in my thoughts.  Music and words can create many emotions.  These are mine today.  

The words hurt.

They sounded like a bow touching the strings of a violin off-key.

I covered my ears.

Make it stop.

All I wanted was to hear a beautiful sound.


That’s all I heard.

It had to stop.

I wanted music.

I wanted a melody.

It was the pain talking.

I found a melody.

I found my song.

I hear it now.