cookie on a payphoneI was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1962.   Growing up, my family moved around because my father was advancing in his career.  I went to 4 different schools and lived in 5  different houses in my 3rd and 4th Grade year.  We also moved in my 9th Grade year when I was 14.  I learned to fit in wherever I went or I accepted it when I did not.  My therapist says I’m adaptable.  I learned to entertain myself by performing in my room in front of my mirror and dreaming about my future.  I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing life through my quirky lens.  I have an English/Applied Communications degree.  I’m a humorist because I’m not good at science and I’m a recovering alcoholic who likes to entertain or inspire.

The title “Swizzle Stick” comes from a friend who saw the term describing a person who can bring the unlikeliest of people or topics to together to make a great concoction-a swizzle stick. 

My blog is a swizzle stick stirring information, inspiration, and a little sass.