Praying for the Right Girl for My Daughter

“Is Camille married?” She asked me. “No, not yet. I am just praying for the right girl to come along.”

She choked on her response.  “Oh. Oh. Oh. I am so glad you are okay with that.”

Yes, yes, yes. I am okay with that.

I was at a wedding in Montgomery, Alabama this summer.  A town I love and have called home since I was in the 9th Grade. I left there when I went to college. My husband, a lawyer, and I returned to Montgomery when we first got married, and he began his first job after law school. I was an attorney’s wife. I was in the Junior League. My children went to the best schools. We were members of the best church. We were in many social groups. Camille was a debutante. Yes, she was a debutante.  

Camille was raised going to etiquette classes which I taught, was a member of cotillion and made her debut at one of the best balls in the South. She had boyfriends, and we did all the right things to teach her right from wrong. Camille was an acolyte in the church and as a high student became a lector because of her ability to speak well before an audience.  And, she is gay.

Camille evolved into who she is. She was born that way but did not find the courage to live true to herself until she moved to Atlanta.  

She didn’t officially “come out” she just “evolved into”  being who she was born to be.  A gay person.


I have many friends in Montgomery as well as other small towns in the South who are supportive of her and do not believe she is going to hell.

But, I do have those who have told me they are praying for her and for me. I also officiate same-sex weddings. I have had people ask me why don’t I just pray for the right person for her or perhaps wait awhile, in case she decides she wants to marry a guy.  

No, I will not wait. I am a mother who prays for her children. I pray for their spiritual needs and their earthly needs. I pray for their happiness. I pray they know how to love themselves. I have been praying this prayer for years. It seems to me that one of these prayers have been answered. Camille loves who she is as a gay woman. She does not question that she was born this way and nor do I. I am grateful that we are at the point in our lives where I can just sit back and pray for her the right girl to come along.  

10 thoughts on “Praying for the Right Girl for My Daughter

  1. You are truely amazing not only as a mother but as a human being. My story as a lesbian sounds much like your daughter. The difference is my parent do not accept me. As a matter of fact today is their 38th anniversary and when I called to wish them happy anniversary my father and I got into a huge argument resulting in him saying “I love my daughter but you’re not my daughter. My daughter ain’t no dyke…Iquitos loving you when you decided to be a dyke’. Obviously i am crushed because we were extremely close up until I came out at age 18. Well I’m 34 now, and I have the best life partner any woman could ask for. She and i have been together almost 9 year. I just wanted to let you know how touching it is for me to see parents who love their children unconditionally and accept and embrace their child for who they are. I finally have accepted today after the conversation I had that I am going to have to be OK without the love acceptance and approval of the 2 people I never thought would turn their backs on me. So thank you for being a great woman, parent, and advocate for MY community. The world need many more individuals like you!


  2. I hope your daughter finds the right woman! I know so many happy women who’ve been together for life (despite earlier–and recent!–social stigma).


  3. I am praying for her as well. First I give thanks to God for putting her and her family, my dear friends, in my family’s lives. I thank Him for the love and support that you ALL have given us and I thank Him for what He plans to do in our collective future. And then I pray that God fills you all to the brim with His joy, a joy that overfills your soul. I pray that Camille finds the partner and helpmate that God has picked just for her! I pray that she is kind, and gentle and giving. I pray that she is strong and helps Camille whenever hardships come her way as hardships sometime do. And I pray that Ben really likes her. Ben’s a good judge of character and if he likes her, she’s going to be fine. 💙💜💛❤💚 We are precious in His sight💚❤💛💜💙


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